Fourth Wave Concepts

  Epochal Revelations

Vision, Goals, Mission
I remember clearly sometime around when I was ten years old, maybe younger, I thought to myself that I wanted to know as much as God must know. I can't remember a time that I doubted that 1) God is a "person," i.e., he is contactable as "A Being," 2) God is omniscient, which means He has a mind as I do, and 3) God is infinite "Being," which means He has an impersonal aspect, like energy or nature itself. Similar to the narrations of Jonah and Abraham of the Old Testament Bible, who received messages from God (and somehow recognized it was God speaking), I never doubted that communication is a two-way personal circuit with God; and any person could take advantage of this capability. I was also enough of a secularist (or maybe skeptic is a better designation) to be disabused that any intercourse with God would come by way of sound waves or perhaps mental telepathy. I have since modified that perspective based upon a fuller reading of Julian Jaynes theory of the bicameral mind, or more appropriate, the bicameral brain.

Raised as a Roman Catholic, I was mostly instructed through its brand of theology via a focus on the New Testament and the "Catechism," which is the teaching of Catholic Christian doctrine and dogma. This focus on the New Testament precluded any cognitive dissonance that, upon reflecting in later years, I determined would most decidedly have confused me. I don't know if that was an intended reason, or merely a result of time constraints, but Jesus' portrayal of the personality of his Father is surely very different from the one that deals with Jonah's whale and Abraham's potential sacrifice of his son Isaac. The differences however, did continue to increase my desire to understand God's true nature and how he really prosecutes his infinite plans in our finite lives. Should I completely eschew the Old Testament? If the Bible is so dissonant about God, is even the New Testament a true depiction of how Jesus illustrated the Father to first century humans?

Who I Am

As of September 21, 2022, I started my seventy-sixth revolution around the sun on planet earth - known in cosmic circles as Urantia.

That said, I can boast a fair amount of experiences - just from the weight of the passage of time in one life up to now. I have been blessed with three grandchildren and three grandnephews, who are truly grandchildren. I graduated in 1969 from Providence College with a math dgree and it took me another thirty years! to decide what made sense to pursue as a masters discipline. I have a postgraduate degree in Organizational Management (MAOM). It has served me extremely well during my remaining two decades of career business engagements.

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This is me sporting a Friars basketball hoody. 2022 was an especially good basketball year.

I've actually only been retired for two years. My last consulting gig was providing consulting to a significant IT program for NAVAIR at Pax River. I still join my former colleagues at golf scrambles; the friendships have been extraordinary and lasting. Since playing basketball is so far in the past I can hardly see it in the rear view mirror. I stay in shape with running (slow jogging now) about 12 miles a week along with a steady diet of golf. 2022 was an especially good year on the senior Maryland SMGA dircuit. I run at an 8.5 handicap and see a much lower single digit this coming year. Oddly enough I can hit the ball twenty yards farther than I did when I was in my twenties. I accredit that to a much better swing and superior technology with clubs and balls. Not too shabby for an old dude.


My youngest grandson taking my advice about skating. He has said: "My PaPa is the third smartest person I know."

Maxwell - Future engineer & baseball pitcher.